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Hampton Roads leads the charge in Virginian collegiate excellence

The Daily Press must be happy to report that Virginia’s colleges and universities, particularly those in Hampton Roads, once again stood out in national listings.  Williamsburg’s W&M, Newport News’ CNU and Hampton’s HU all scored high rankings in various categories; further away from home, Charlottesville’s U.Va. was among the best in the national class.

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Filmily Fest looks to inspire Hampton Roads cinematic talent again

The second annual Filmily Fest, a short film festival created to highlight local talent and creativity, is now accepting registrations through Aug. 24.  The festival’s competition aspect involves film-making teams submitting inspirational photos and drawing from the pool of photos to get ideas for their film.  Visit this website for all the details.


Terry McAuliffe’s voting rights restoration stymied, but he promises to press on

Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plan to restore voting rights to 200,000 felons hit another snag Wednesday, as the Republican General Assembly’s recent lawsuit blocked the motion and forced the disclosure of the names of everyone, including almost 800 Peninsula residents, who attempted to re-register.  McAuliffe, however, says he aims to reinstate rights with individual orders.

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Virginia’s Tim Kaine confirmed as Hillary Clinton’s VP choice

Right on the heels of Donald Trump’s nomination as the official Republican presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton announced her choice for her running mate on Friday via Twitter, which has since exploded with praise for vice presidential candidate and former Virginia governor and U.S. senator Tim Kaine.  DP provides updates here.

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Nightmarish fish lurk in the sands of Virginia Beach, apparently

If you’re visiting Virginia Beach this summer, watch your step.  Local surfers stumbled upon this hidden beauty (seen above) skulking in the sands today; while the Chesapeake Bay Program claims that the fish, a deep sea-dwelling northern stargazer, is relatively harmless to humans, its teeth and electric spines say otherwise.


Meet the Blenders: Andrew Lewis

About Andrew:  I’m a senior at Christopher Newport University with a love for words, animals, the outdoors and music.  While my life dream is to live quietly as a bearded bear-trainer in the frontier, I am thrilled to have the chance to write about all of the fun quirks and day-to-day surprises of living in Hampton Roads.

Fun Fact:  I’m a trumpet player by trade, and I relish any opportunity to play jazz, marching field shows and anything else that needs to be extraordinarily loud.

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