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Daycare snacks your kids will actually eat

Packing lunch for a toddler can be a hassle, but Ann +Jane Living has some food ideas that are sure to satisfy both your parental instincts and your child’s tummy. Try making a roasted turkey sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, or making nutty strawberries and cream delight. Chicken veggie lettuce wraps, chicken pasta, and barbecue lunches are also great for your kids at daycare, according to the blog.

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Meet the coffee-roasting couple behind Rogue Elephant

Will and Renee Cury of began roasting coffee back in 2004, and they’ve shared their passion with #HRVA ever since. The locals’ delicious coffee is available at different spots on both the Peninsula and Southside, including Newport News, Hampton, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. To support their business and get a cup of Curry coffee, visit any of the following venues:

Smithfield Farmers Market, 319 Main St., Smithfield. 757-375-3031.

Glazed Doughnuts, 24 Wine St., Hampton. 757-325-8860.

Primrose, Hilton Village, 10345 Warwick Blvd., Newport News. 757-369-4697.

Five Points Community Farm Market, 2500 Church St., Norfolk. 757-640-0300.

Westside Produce and Provisions, 5015 Colley Ave., Norfolk. 757-962-1961.


How to really escape stress while on vacation

Vacations are supposed to help us relax, but sometimes our minds can become jumbled. And sometimes the cloud of work and deadlines and to-do lists casts a shadow over what should be the greatest time you’ll have all year. A post over at the Sweet Sauce blog wants to remind the world that in order to reduce stress on a vacation, you should diligently plan ahead, prioritize your activities so you don’t miss out on things you really want to do, and make sure all your loose ends are tied at home.


Poképarenting just got real: Baby names like Ash, Onyx are becoming popular

Pokemon is not only inspiring people to stroll around the neighborhood, but it is also inspiring parents while naming their kids. Names such as Ash, Roselia, Onyx and Ivy are on the rise, according to WAVY. says that nearly half of the community’s mothers play ‘Pokemon Go,’ so it is perhaps evident that the game is influencing what is written on birth certificates.

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Stay under budget with this trick

Stay under budget can be difficult and stressful but a Virginia blogger, Busy Budgeter, shared a quick, crazy trick that just might work for you! Simply over-project how much you will spend. When you limit yourself, you cause yourself to worry. Changing your budget to a higher amount has been proven by the blogger to help stay under budget. Weird, right?


How to score free stuff from Chipotle this summer

Looks like summer just got a little hotter. Turns out Chipotle will be giving out “Chiptopia” reward cards starting July 1, which can be picked up at any location (check this map for Hampton Roads locations.) With the card, customers can upgrade to different status levels that each will give them special perks. You can get free entrees, such as the fast-casual joint’s famed burritos, when you purchase food with your Chiptopia card! Yum!


An app to help relieve parents

For the parents who are worried about what their children are doing on their mobile devices, keep calm because Cyber Inform is working to help you. The company has an app in the works that will inform parents when their child is doing/looking at something they shouldn’t online. The company is also working on an app to help end domestic abuse.

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