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Your go-to holiday event guide in Hampton Roads

Christmas in Hampton Roads may have kicked off with a bang (re: HollyDazzle in Newport News and Williamsburg’s Grand Illumination), but it can be a little hard to keep track of all the parades, theme park events and light extravaganzas coming our way. hrScene and Daily Press have you covered, though. Anything you’re looking for,  you can find on this calendar or this list.

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‘Tis the season … to be on a budget

If it seems like every year you run out of money around the holidays, it’s long past time you tweak your spending habits. According to the Busy Budgeter blog, in order to create an optimal holiday budget, you need to plan far, far ahead and be crazy conservative. Start by writing down everything you need to budget for, estimate costs and prioritize your expenses. Be sure to track its successes and failures.

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Help Norfolk Canyon get the protection it deserves

If you’ve never heard of Norfolk Canyon — or if you’ve only heard of the tasty beer — that’s probably because it’s almost a mile below the ocean’s surface off Virginia’s coast.  But the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is trying to get the ecologically unique site some much-needed federal protection as a National Marine Sanctuary; read more here, and sign their petition here.

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‘Go Trump’ and swastika etching found in dorm bathroom at William and Mary

An official from the College of William and Mary has had to come out and say what should never, ever have to be said: Intimidation and other such terrible behavior is never, ever tolerated on the Williamsburg campus. This comes after the words ‘Go Trump,’ with the ‘T’ as a swastika, were scratched into a paper-towel dispenser in a W&M residence hall bathroom, the Daily Press reports. A photo bearing evidence of this had percolated on social media.

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Opening of Liberty’s Ice Pavilion means your weekend just got cooler

Liberty’s Ice Pavilion will be returning to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area this Friday! But don’t fret if you can’t make it just yet: the rink’ll be open well into February. Whether you want to take to the ice with your loved one or little ones, it seems like it’ll be a pretty reasonable outing. The Daily Press says tickets start at 10 smackaroos, and rentals cost just more than $4.

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Stay on sidewalks, drive sober and be safe this Halloween

Safety is never a joke, particularly not on what AAA calls “the deadliest night of the year” for pedestrians.  Halloween accounts for an especially high amount of auto-pedestrian accidents — many of them fatal — so counteract this by wearing bright or reflective clothing (yeah, I know it’s lame), staying in groups and using crosswalks. If you’re driving, stay sober or get a DD, and keep clear of suburbs if possible.

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