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Smithfield police posts pic of Ditto, catches person with active warrant

The Smithfield Police Department definitely wants to catch ’em all — all the lawbreakers, anyway — and devised a most ingenious plan to do so. On its Facebook page, the authorities posted a photo of Ditto, which all #PokemonGo  trainers know is elusive and hasn’t been spotted in the smartphone game thus far. The post teased that only eight *special* people (aka people with outstanding warrants) would be invited to the station to try to catch the rare ‘mon. The department announced its first successful capture Tuesday, the Daily Press reports.


Poképarenting just got real: Baby names like Ash, Onyx are becoming popular

Pokemon is not only inspiring people to stroll around the neighborhood, but it is also inspiring parents while naming their kids. Names such as Ash, Roselia, Onyx and Ivy are on the rise, according to WAVY. says that nearly half of the community’s mothers play ‘Pokemon Go,’ so it is perhaps evident that the game is influencing what is written on birth certificates.

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Car-jet combo hits HRVA

Is it a fancy new sports car? It is a high-powered jet? Jokes on us, it’s both! The HondaJet, which has room for a pilot, co-pilot, and five passengers, paid a visit to NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton Tuesday. Check out The Daily Press to read more about the history of transportation’s future.


Nightmarish fish lurk in the sands of Virginia Beach, apparently

If you’re visiting Virginia Beach this summer, watch your step.  Local surfers stumbled upon this hidden beauty (seen above) skulking in the sands today; while the Chesapeake Bay Program claims that the fish, a deep sea-dwelling northern stargazer, is relatively harmless to humans, its teeth and electric spines say otherwise.

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How to score free stuff from Chipotle this summer

Looks like summer just got a little hotter. Turns out Chipotle will be giving out “Chiptopia” reward cards starting July 1, which can be picked up at any location (check this map for Hampton Roads locations.) With the card, customers can upgrade to different status levels that each will give them special perks. You can get free entrees, such as the fast-casual joint’s famed burritos, when you purchase food with your Chiptopia card! Yum!

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Virginia’s first LGBT Family Conference addresses the Orlando shooting, legal issues, and how to move forward

Coinciding with this weekend’s PrideFest, Hampton hosted the first Virginia LGBT Family Conference on Thursday, June 17, DP reports.  LGBT community members, their families, and allies gathered with related support organizations and lawyers to discuss both legal victories and remaining difficulties and quandaries facing the community.  Read more here or here.

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Stuff Pat Robertson says: #Orlando edition

It seems televangelist Pat Robertson’s got no thoughts or prayers for those affected by the #Orlando massacre. In fact, he’s offered up something quite different. “The 700 Club” host, who’s also the founder, president and chancellor of Regent University in Virginia Beach, said there is nothing left to do but sit back and watch the Islamic extremists and members of the LGBT community “kill themselves,” according to New York Magazine.

And this isn’t the first time he’s said something despicable in the wake of human tragedy. There’s even a Wikipedia entry for ’em all.

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