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‘Tis the season … to be on a budget

If it seems like every year you run out of money around the holidays, it’s long past time you tweak your spending habits. According to the Busy Budgeter blog, in order to create an optimal holiday budget, you need to plan far, far ahead and be crazy conservative. Start by writing down everything you need to budget for, estimate costs and prioritize your expenses. Be sure to track its successes and failures.

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Here’s why you’re not living the life you want

If you’re wondering why you’re not living the life you want or not working in the position that you would like, the blog Irresistible Icing has a few pointers on your mentality that you should consider. Not nailing down a goal, fearing change, worrying about all the haters are just the few things that could be keeping you from that oh-so elusive thing we call happiness. Here’s how to get out of that funk, per Irresistible Icing.


FRESH: A look at upcoming #PokemonGo meetups in Hampton Roads

If you’re looking to mingle and meander with fellow #PokemonGo trainers, you’re in such luck. A handful of places in Hampton Roads are hosting meetups — often with lures to sweeten the deal. Here’s a look at what’s slated for the weekend and beyond.

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  • To have a little Pokemon Go-themed fun there’ll be a  Pokemon cosplay contest at the Rainbow Cactus in Virginia Beach during Labor Day weekend. Deets.
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Tips for debt-free living

Living a debt-free life may seem impossible, but 13 News Now has some tips on how to stay away from debt. Have a realistic budget, and remember to automate monthly payments. Be restrictive with your debt, and look for every penny that you possibly can. Surprise cash should be used to handle necessities. Know how to negotiate, and learn to tackle the debt avalanche.

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Daycare snacks your kids will actually eat

Packing lunch for a toddler can be a hassle, but Ann +Jane Living has some food ideas that are sure to satisfy both your parental instincts and your child’s tummy. Try making a roasted turkey sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, or making nutty strawberries and cream delight. Chicken veggie lettuce wraps, chicken pasta, and barbecue lunches are also great for your kids at daycare, according to the blog.

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How to really escape stress while on vacation

Vacations are supposed to help us relax, but sometimes our minds can become jumbled. And sometimes the cloud of work and deadlines and to-do lists casts a shadow over what should be the greatest time you’ll have all year. A post over at the Sweet Sauce blog wants to remind the world that in order to reduce stress on a vacation, you should diligently plan ahead, prioritize your activities so you don’t miss out on things you really want to do, and make sure all your loose ends are tied at home.

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Even more bucket-list activities to totally make your summer

With the dog days of summer in full swing across #HRVA, its tempting to throw in the towel. But there are plenty of ways to beat the heat even if you think you’ve exhausted all the 757 has to offer. The Virginian-Pilot has compiled a list of 25  local treasures to add to your seasonal bucket list. And if you need a little refresher on all the other ideas we rounded up, head here.


#PokemonGo interactive map charts catches across #HRVA

If you’re a trainer trying to catch ’em all across Hampton Roads, here’s a tool that could help you in the hunt: an interactive map that drops a pin where a Pokemon was found so that hopefully you can find it there, too. But, of course, with it being interactive and all, it’s only as good as what users put in. So, if you find a sweet one — such as a Ninetails or Onyx or so on — all you have to do is fill out this form and your catch will be marked.

If you need some inspiration on some new #PokemonGo haunts, check out — and add to — our roundup of our readers’ favorite places to catch Pokemon.