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Stay under budget with this trick

Stay under budget can be difficult and stressful but a Virginia blogger, Busy Budgeter, shared a quick, crazy trick that just might work for you! Simply over-project how much you will spend. When you limit yourself, you cause yourself to worry. Changing your budget to a higher amount has been proven by the blogger to help stay under budget. Weird, right?

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An app to help relieve parents

For the parents who are worried about what their children are doing on their mobile devices, keep calm because Cyber Inform is working to help you. The company has an app in the works that will inform parents when their child is doing/looking at something they shouldn’t online. The company is also working on an app to help end domestic abuse.

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Green-thumb advice for green homeowners

It’s no secret that when the weather gets warm, the bugs come out. 13 News Now shared nice plants you can plant around your home that repel insects. Get your green thumbs ready and plant some marigolds, lavender, lemongrass, garlic, rosemary, basil, catnip, petunias and mint. They all naturally keep bugs away — and are natural ingredients you can use to spice up your home cooking.

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Blogger: Parenting can be a struggle, but hold tight

Television, blogs, Pinterest or almost any other source of information can make parenting seem like a breeze for so many, but in all reality, it’s a struggle for more than a lot of people. After getting an email from a reader feeling like a failure at life, Busy Budgeter wants to remind parents that there is more to a “perfect” family than what you see. She also has some advice to remember whenever you’re feeling small and low.


Running routine leave you out of steam? These tips can help.

Virginia blogger, Deb Runs, wrote recently about running freakin’ 30-plus miles in just like 20 hours (she was running a relay, apparently, and is not crazy.) While that’s definitely in the extreme, she knows that recovering can be tough. She advises anyone who is recovering from a run or running routine to try the following to get back to 100 percent: Get a lot of sleep, stretch, keep moving, ease back into your workouts and down nutrients. Read more of her tips here.

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Yes, social media can help you grow. Here’s how.

It’s a common misconception that social media hinders personal growth, but, according to the blogger over at Making Mindfulness, it can actually be a tool to improve yourself. The former Richmond resident offers up five ways you can do just that. Among the highlights: Creating a positive newsfeed can make you feel better — especially since you can edit negativity that enters your life via the newsfeed — and you can learn things from others. Read the other tips here.

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