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Meet the Blenders: Andrew Lewis

About Andrew:  I’m a senior at Christopher Newport University with a love for words, animals, the outdoors and music.  While my life dream is to live quietly as a bearded bear-trainer in the frontier, I am thrilled to have the chance to write about all of the fun quirks and day-to-day surprises of living in Hampton Roads.

Fun Fact:  I’m a trumpet player by trade, and I relish any opportunity to play jazz, marching field shows and anything else that needs to be extraordinarily loud.


Meet the Blenders: Mary Ramsey

About Mary: I’m a journalism and poli sci student at the University of South Carolina. In addition to writing for Blend757, I also work as a news editor and sports writer for The Daily Gamecock. I live and die by the AP Stylebook, except when it comes to the Oxford Comma, which I firmly believe is the linchpin that keeps the world together. When not writing I’m probably just rewatching The West Wing or listening to podcasts about The West Wing.

Fun Fact: I’m an aunt to a wonderful nephew, adorable niece, and the world’s best dog. Follow me on Twitter: @mcolleen1996